Saturday, October 27, 2007

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of my favorite museums...I love the Palazzo and the garden. I find the land entrance enchanting...and so close to Ca'Dario... it's mysterious!!
Here is a link to the Museum

I found this wonderful piece engraved on a bench in the's written by Jenny Holzer.

I walk in
I see you
I watch you
I scan you
I wait for you
I tickle you
I tease you
I search you
I breathe you
I talk

I smile
I touch your hair
You are the one
you are the one
I feel you
I ask you
I don't ask

I don't wait
I won't ask you
I lie
I am crying hard
there was blood
no one told me
no one knew
my mother knows
I forgot your name

I don't think
I bury my head
I bury you
my fever
my skin
I cannot breathe
I cannot eat
I cannot walk
I am losing time

I am losing ground
I cannot stand it
I cry
I cry out
I bite
I bite your lip
I breathe your breath
I pulse
I pray
I pray aloud

I smell you on my skin
I say the word
I say your name
I cover you
I shelter you
I run from you
I sleep beside you
I smell you
on my clothes
I keep your clothes

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Madjester said...

I went to the Gallery in 2005 and absolutely loved it. I stayed for hours and nearly forgot to visit the rest of Venice. I particularly loved the "Garden Bench" by Jenny Holzer. it was extrememly moving and I read it over and over again. So simple yet evoking such strong emotion I could not believe the love and tenderness of the words.
Thankyou I will never forget that day.