Thursday, October 18, 2007

Studio Ladies. . .

I came across 'Visitation' by Jacopo da Pontormo.
I found the colors...the expressions...the bulk so interesting....I made a copy for my studio.
The original is in Carmignagno, a village 20 km west of Florence. It's propped up on an easel in a side altar of San Michele e Francesco. (61" x 80")
I may have to make a side trip on our way to Tuscany.

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gailgoebel said...

LL, I hope that we can go to see this while on the way to Tuscany!!!! It is such a beautiful painting and I am sure that the original is beyond comparison. Last night I was reading through some of the Venice and Tuscany books and Ruth's writings....I can't wait. I have my list of dishes that I want to try...we will eat our way through Italy and enjoy every minute. I miss you so and can't wait for our new adventure. Love, G