Saturday, November 24, 2007

Corte Tiepolo

November 4th -20th

What a glorious stay at Corte Tiepolo!
Gail and I rented a wonderful studio apartment from the Passi family. The Palazzo was built by the Tiepolo (not the painter) family in the 1500's. It was a privilege to be surrounded by so much history.
Our studio was on the ground floor....15' x 24'...with 15' high wood-beamed ceiling. The beam above my bed featured a creature with a overgrown schnozz...he sprinkled dream-dust every night....I had the most marvelous night-time adventures. (see above posting)

The most outstanding feature of our little home were the two windows on the Grand Canal. What a position...sitting on my yellow stool watching the parade. Every evening Paul would call around 6...and for the best reception on my cell I had to sit in the window. What a terrific phone booth.
The big surprise was the quiet...just the chug of the vaporetto and the water lapping. One night I dreamt the water was spilling into our room....filling up the floor.......the bed was starting to float........

The apartment was perfect for us....enough room to spread out...entertain a few friends....fix a snack....make our new drink.
The Venetian Peach.
2 parts peach puree (Pesca frutta 50% minimo-Coop brand in a rectangular box)
1/2 part cream
1 part vodka
Not sure if I'll be able to replicate this at home...can't find the same peach puree. The closest thing that I could find here is a combo peach puree and apple/pear blend. I may have to save the Venetian Peach for Venice!

We were so comfortable in our new home and were so warmly greeted by Leila Passi. A beautiful gracious woman. She has spent years dedicated to the restoration of her incredible home..and now that she has retired from her work as a doctor she will have time to pursue her love of cooking. Next year, we'll have to take a few lessons.

Another new discovery for us was the COOP....the local grocery store. The biggest one is located at the Piazzale Roma Vaporetto stop. Oh, my the treasures in store....we went nutz for: the bottled mushrooms (funghi trifolati-Coop brand),
artichokes (carciofini in teri-Coop brand),
pesto alla genovese(Sacla brand),
fruit chutneys (great with the cheese),
inexpensive wines,
crackers alla cipolla & rosemary(Magie del Forno brand),
crunchy bruschetti(Crostini con farina integrale- blue label Coop brand),
olive oil,
balsamic, yogurt,
freshly baked foccasia
......holy night the place is packed with delights. Gail & I carted so much stuff back home...our knuckles now drag the cobblestones.

ps...a liter of COOP water is .30....amazing considering that at the local coffee stop the same bottle sells for 2.50E.
Oh and Paul's Pocket Coffee is 5.90E for a box of 32. Note....if you are a coffee & Chocolate lover....Pocket Coffee is just waiting for you. It sets me afire with a wild buzz....not for the faint-hearted. It's Paul's if he needed a buzzzzzzz!

The second photo from the top is the Grand Canal view of Palazzo Tiepolo...our windows are on the left...right above the gondola. Ulysses is Leila's puppy...a grand chap that knows how to pose.

Here is the web site for Corte Tiepolo


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, heaven! I bet you sat by that window a lot.

Don't you think vaparettos are horribly noisy? They completely disrupt the peace that is Venezia to me.


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