Wednesday, November 28, 2007

La Porta in Monticchiello

November 9th - 2007

Monticchhiello is a village just a few kilometers to the west of Montipulciano...a lovely drive through rolling hills and cypress.
We had a terrific lunch at Osteria La Porta....too cold & windy to eat on the terrace, so we had to enjoy the view after our lunch.
Gail & I shared the polenta with funghi and! We also ordered a plate of chickpeas with rosemary. How could something so simple be so divine. The chickpeas were smaller and a little more formed, not as mushy as the ones I've had in the states and of course everything takes on the added dimension of the olive oil. The olive oil was dark, full of flavor and not a hint of bitterness!!
I had the ravioli with nettles and ricotta and pecorino...a tad on the heavy side and there was nothing subtle about the pecorino.
Gail had Pici with braised beef & vegetables. Pici is a local dish...a thicker, softer style of spaghetti. This dish was a winner. Full of flavor.
Dessert....chocolate tort with creme anglaise. Moist and densely chocolate.
Wine - Gail had a glass of Moscato di Asti-La Spinata, true to form 17+
I had a glass of Az Agr. Baracchi Smeriglio- Merlot- deep, dark cherry...gorgeous 17+

Yes...we'd return & hope for a warmer, calmer day to take advantage of the terrace and the dreamy views! The bottom two images are of the view. . . . . .

Here's a link to La Porta


Anonymous said...

Big mistake! I read this while I was hungry! I wonder if I can do chickpeas and rosemary with olive oil. I agree. I have had the best simple bean meals in Tuscany. Your photos continue to be inspired. I bet La Porta would love to have that collage for their website!


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Lin-
Glad you guys made it back safely! Your photos are AMAZING as usual!! I feel like I'm there with you. Love you and miss you, Carey

Anonymous said...

Yum! That chocolate dessert is a work of art.

Southern Tuscany was not on my travel list for next year but your beautiful photos are drawing me back.


Kay said...

Beautiful country and the meals sound so good. Your pictures are always outstanding.
Did I tell you I love the cat photo?