Sunday, November 25, 2007


November 7th - 9th 2007

We booked our apartment in Venice for our entire stay...4th -20th November.
This year we decided to do a side trip for a few nights... southern Tuscany. A few years ago Paul & I went to Tuscany, we stayed in Loro Ciuffenna, in the northern area of Tuscany. I was struck by the beauty of the southern area, I had wanted to return and spend more time near Montepulciano.

So we packed our overnight bags and my camera and off we went for our three night adventure.
7th - 10th November.

After a slight struggle at Hertz...... the manager tried to convince us that the car we were renting with one brake light was OK. "You hava one lights tits OK". Right, tell that to the Polizia that stops us on the Autostrada.......we were on our way.

BRAVO to Gail....the newest Autostrada babe!! What a whizzzzz..... The A1 during the week is a mass of trucks. A solid right lane of trucks going 120k. She held up like a champ!!
I navigated and passed out chocolate...and made sure that we stopped at every Autogrill.

What a terrific find.... MONTORIO!!
(click on Montorio for link)
It is located on hilltop overlooking San Biagio....just down the hill from Montepulciano.
Stephania greeted us as we pulled into our parking spot. She is a gem, incredibly helpful. She explained all necessary appliances and left us with her number. ( I think she watched us pull in and realized that we were the speed demons that had been terrorizing the nearby hilltop village.)
She left us with enough food in the frig for breakfast the following morning...including a nonna cake. By now Gail was in a coma...the nonna cake brought her around!
We rented Antonio da Sangallo...a two bedroom apartment. It was heavenly. We each had a king-bedroom with beamed ceilings.
Late night reading was a treat!

The apartment had everything we needed. It was beautifully furnished and immaculate. There is even a laundry room at the foot of our stairs (20 stairs)
We had the entire top floor.

The price per night for this bliss? 110E
Return? Yes, in a heartbeat!!


Anonymous said...

Oh what torture! These photos are so beautiful. While you're heart is most at home in Venice, I think mine finds it's happiness in Tuscany. The trees are so beautiful. And your apartment really is bliss. I love the BaileyZimmerman signature self-portrait there in the shadow!

Bella bella bella!

~ sighing K

Anonymous said...

My happiness is in Tuscany as well. You make beautiful Tuscany even more so!

I'm going to remember that apartment; I would be happy there.

I'm glad you could spend a few days in southern Tuscany.


Anonymous said...

I could have sworn there was a Tuscan field here last time I looked! You're messin' with me Zimmerman! :-)

BaileyZimmerman said...

Yes...there was a Tuscan field...but I pulled the photo to include in a larger post that I'll publish tomorrow!!

Stay tuned. . . . . .