Friday, April 18, 2008

Seurat's sketchbooks

I've always loved looking at diaries and sketchbooks.....sneaking a peek inside someone else's life. A voyeur?
Here is a link to take a look at four of his sketchbooks.
Click on 'enter site' and on next link 'sketchbooks'.

The sketchbooks were part of an exhibition that was held at MoMA in 2007.
Here is an article by Lance Esplund in the NY Sun.
It was written at the time of the exhibit.

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Anonymous said...

That's incredible! My favorite thing at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam was the display downstairs of his letters. Little sketches that you could see were to become famous works in the margins. And a difficult relationship with his brother. But what do I know about that? HA! It looks like Spring is treating you well!