Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dick Vermeil - Wine Media Guild luncheon at Felidia's

The Wine Media Guild held its monthly luncheon at Felidia's.
Dick Vermeil is teaming up with On the Edge winery in Calistoga to produce wines. Paul Smith (3rd photo) is the wine maker/co-proprietor of On the Edge wineries.
Paul wrote an article for click for article.

Fortunato Nicotra the executive chef at Felidia's is fantastic...every month he comes up with marvelous pairings for the many wine varietals. The wines presented in the past have been all over the map. Hey, Felidia's is an Italian restaurant....he really steps up to the plate to present us with wonderful combinations. Yesterday was no exception. Two of my favorite dishes were the cheese course.... Humblodt Fog - a marvelous runny blue cheese- was dusted with flakes of milk chocolate. It brought the port up a notch. AND the risotto was inspired with a touch of truffle oil and a spike of espresso.
I can't wait to see what joys he presents us with next month!
Thumbs up to Fortunato!!!

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