Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cathedral Grove

Cathedral Grove is park of Macmillan Park it is located in the middle of Vancouver Island on the road to the Wild West Coast.

In 1996 a terrrible storm ripped through BC...it destroyed thousands of trees in Cathedral Grove, many of the trees were more than 800 years old. I can only imagine how beautiful it was....it certainly is majestic now.

We were talking to a park ranger, she told us that her first day on the job there was a couple visiting the park on their honeymoon, a tree fell on their car and they both died instantly.
On our path at Birchwood a Jenny Chang and her family were hiking....a branch fell and she died.
Windy days stay away from tall trees!!

Geeze...maybe I can come up with more good news?

A link to Cathedral Grove.


Alaric said...

On your way to Tofino you had to pass through Port Alberni what was your perception of it?

BaileyZimmerman said...

Port Alberni?
I liked what I saw. It's a real town, not a town full of tourists, a working town...surrounded by beautiful forests.
We didn't get a chance to see the BIG water bomber on Lake Sproat.
Are you from Port Alberni?