Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kessler Rehabilation Institute

Last weekend Heather, Steve & Dean came from Florida to see Paul.
It was great watching Paul with Dean...and Dean's reaction to Paul.
Laughter is good!

It's been a wild week....trying to deal with the insurance company...Social Security....Time Warner benefits....arranging for chair lifts etc. I found out we need to buy 4 chair lifts...over $17,000....and they aren't covered by insurance!!
Holy %^#@
Give me strength!!

Paul is really working hard...progress is mostly evident physically, walking & use of his arm.
He is working with a new speech therapist...Beth....she is truly remarkable. I think she is breaking through, figuring out ways to help Paul make progress.
Fingers crossed that United Healthcare will give him more time....I am fightling like hell!!

lol...notice who looks the most dazed and confused?
I have the 'deer in the headlights' look!!


Elizabeth said...

What a handsome guy. Give 'em hell Paul, you'll get through this and be writing about it someday! Linda, thanks for the updates.

Anonymous said...

"HE" is the remarkable of the most amazing and detrmined men I have ever met. You have both touched my life! are woman to be's no wonder there was a rose waiting for you.

PS. I really enjoyed your blog and art...thanks for sharing.