Saturday, January 31, 2009

SI readers respond....THANKS A MILLION!!!!

This week Peter King mentioned Paul in his SI Monday Morning Quarterback column.
(click on page 5)
The response was overwhelming!!
What a tremendous lift it gave us!
This morning when I walked into Kessler....Paul was in his wheelchair surrounded by piles of letters....books....notes....e-mails....he was literally buried.
I cried...he cried...
The staff was amazed!!
It has been an emotionally tough week! It was/is so wonderful to read all of your letters.
I brought the stack home tonight so that I could sort through and send some e-mail responses.

What a bunch of warm-hearted were chosen with care and meaning. I could just image all of you standing in the drug store...deciding on the perfect card.

"Cheer up! The doctor says that you'll be normal soon! Which proves there's a first time for everything!"

"I'm desperate...Nothing can replace the void your absence creates"

"OOOO! I HATE when I laugh and food comes out my nose...Happy Birthday to someone who's fun to be around".
Brad & Karen said..."I know it's not your birthday but every time I look at this card I laugh out loud and I thought you probably need a good laugh right now! It's followed with a ps "You've got a great friend in Peter King".

YES...he is a tremendous friend...he has made weekly treks out to the wilderness of the Jersey woods! Words fail me...the time and energy that Peter has shown can never be repaid!

It is hard to believe that so many people spent so much time and care to deliver heartfelt messages....Handmade cards with photos of cards, Rothko, Degas, remind us that we are still surrounded by beauty. Quotes from Winston Churchhill..."Never, never, never, never give up!!

Dom...thanks for taking the time to gather all of these messages and books and sending them to Kessler. Your finger must be sore from pressing the print button! (I'll pass your note onto Paul in the morning...)

There was also an offer from Rick to help with our insurance company....yes..yes...You'll be hearing from me soon.

ALSO a huge thanks to Arthur, the brother that Paul never had...the help and support you have given us goes beyond friendship!
The Zabar's roast beef was a godsend!

I also want to thank so many for thinking of is such a boost to my morale. Thanks Ed for the copy of My Stroke of Insight...and for your kind words.

Claudio, an Italian reader in Singapore, who listed all of his Get Well Soon wishes for Paul including "The Flaming Redhead needs you. and "Dawn was beautiful this morning. I heard tomorrow it might be even better"!
Paul & me both went down in a heap with that sentiment!

Lastly and most appropriately I have to quote Byron Rupp.
"You're tougher than a $2 hard and you'll be back in the saddle before you know it"!


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