Saturday, March 28, 2009


Thanks for your notes of encouragement!!
I figured I should post a message soon....after my last meltdown, I'm sure that everyone thought I was down for the count. No...just having a really tough day!
I've been trying to take a second look at our surroundings....looking for grace notes in every corner of our lives. Scarves in drawers....posters stacked in the living room....the buds coming out on the vines covering the windows...well, soon the vines will cover the window with their annual blanket of green.

Today we went to St. Catherine's parking lot...for a nice...flat....walk. You would be amazed how many dips are in sidewalks...parking lots....fields. When we hit a downhill Paul starts to really roll along. No, he's not in a wheelchair...he just starts gaining momentum....and off he goes.
After we finished our run....
I suggested a drive.
Something we never had time for before. Off we went...wandering in the woods. Up to Split Rock Reservoir.....on to the Tourne.....with Paul directing my every move. Bossy....bossy...arguing the entire time. I take this as a really good sign.
I told him he sounded like a Geiger counter....ta ta da da tit ti da ti a buzzz.....up and down the lane.
Maybe he has a new career as a Tuva throat singer?


Anonymous said...

Why Not?Paul probably would be very successfull as aTuva singer.I smiled reading your post Linda..My Mom always told me "That Dopo La Bufera c'e il Sereno".
Just hang on and before you know Your Magpie will be well again.
A Big Hug,

BaileyZimmerman said...

Anna Maria...PERFECT!!
Paul will love that's absolutely perfect!
You made my day!!
night night....

magusdee said...

Yes, if Paul's back to being bossy and arguing, it's only a matter of time before he's correcting some far-flung notion of mine in an email! And--just read Peter King's column on this morning--wish I could attend the fundraiser but, being an unemployed professor at the moment, I (and Baubles) will just have to attend in spirit. Z would enjoy Baubles, by the way, because the pup loves to bark and growl, in a very Z-like manner.

Elizabeth said...

Bossy is good! So glad you are having a better day today.