Monday, April 6, 2009

Great rhythm developing

There is a certain peace that has come over our household.
A certain rhythm...making all the difficulties easier.
We've been ironing out all the logistics...managing all the new equipment. It took a few weeks to get used to the stair gliders...we were forever tangled in the levers, switches, footrests, etc. Paul now manages well...he can push the levers...stop in mid-ride to let me pass.
Our life is full of humor... more laughter than tears....mostly silly looks of understanding.

Yesterday Sarah & Natasha (Pauls' daughter/grandaughter) arrived.
We had a grand time going out with everyone....Barbara, Warren, Gail, Sarah & Natasha. It was Paul's first dinner out since his stroke in November.
It was wonderful!!
When Paul and I got into the car...he pulled out a pencil that he had stowed in his pocket. I then realized that he wanted to bring the new little pocket version wine book that he started a few weeks ago. He takes copious notes of every wine that he tries. His taste buds still aren't totally back on track. But last night he really gave all the wines a real try.

April 11th....2009!
Day before Easter....cheescake just came outta the oven. It's great warm...maybe even better than served chilled. I may be on to something....cheesecake pudding.
Missing Seder this year in Philly...but will fill in with cheesecake and dare I say...oh my gawd ham. I didn't say it...really I didn't mean it.
My sister will eat the ham!

Paul is starting to say more than "when".
He has actually said..."well" several times this week.
And he blurted out "get out" to Aaron his Physical Therapist. Aaron was prodding him...making sure he was ok on the recumbent cycle.
Aaron was so excited he called his wife....Paul's Occupational Therapist.
We're still dizzy with therapy...a constant motion of activity. Paul loves it, but I have to admit when he realized it was Friday he sighed with relief!
Thanks to Jill & Jim Steeg for the two gigantic boxes of workout clothes!!
Paul won best dressed at Kessler this week!!

Peter e-mailed with the LIST...the list of items he's gathered for the auction/fundraiser that's happening on May 18th.
A M A Z I N G ! !
at is the only word that comes to mind.

We can't believe what Peter has done and as a result of his efforts,
the outpouring of support from the Coaches, Teams, Owners, the NFL League, NFL Films, Wine Media Guild, Sports Illustrated, Editors, Colleagues, several law firms & Nothing is Impossible org, Friends,'s such an emotional lift for Paul!

Each week Peter is highlighting a few more items to be auctioned...he's featuring them in his Monday Morning Quarterback column.
Link to Peter's Column.
The reality of going to the University of Michigan for an intensive 6 week aphasia program is looking more like a real possibility every day!
Thanks to all the support!!
One other person that is making all of this a reality is our dear friend Barbara Neibart. Oh god, I hope she'll remain a friend....she's working her *&^ off to pull all of this together.

Heading downstairs...gonna check on cheesecake...Paul may be drowning in cream cheese!!
What a way to go!

Happy Holidays to all!!

ps No time this year for colored eggs...white one will have to do!


Kimberly said...

So pleased to hear this. Watch out for that cheesecake--I know Mom loves it, too!
Wasn't Paul always the best dressed wherever he went? ;)
Why do we serve ham at Easter anyway? I've got mine to bake tomorrow. Tell Mom we're missing here. Glad she can be with you all though!
I was so happy to here the outing to NYC went well.
Love to you!!!

Seth Ruggles Hiler said...
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Seth Ruggles Hiler said...

WARM cheesecake?!?!? sounds divine.
Thinking of the two of you over this holiday week. How wonderful that people are coming together to throw this fundraiser! I will have to ask Barb to see how I can help. Much joy and peace and LOVE.

Theresa Cheek said...

So, so glad to read this! You actually ate out!! Too cool.


magusdee said...

"Silly looks of understanding" says it all. That's a key part of any good definition of love.

Anthony in OK