Sunday, April 26, 2009!!

Pushing the 90 degree mark and the trees are still leafless!
Paul is now two shades darker and drowsy from the sun.
A few puffy white clouds are hanging heavy in the blue sky...too warm to roll on.

I just made a gigantic pot of ham n' bean soup....I'm not kidding I made gallons.
Not sure how hot soup will taste on this hot day.
The neighbors are in for a surprise....I may not call them...just let them find the cauldron at their doorstep.

Sunday is the one day that we just take it least not any major therapy.
I've been starting some hot n' cold dips for Paul's right hand...trying to work on reducing the swelling. Reduced swelling means more movement...more movement means one step closer to independence. I'm also trying to convince Paul that he needs to use his right hand without any help from his left hand. Every time he uses it solo the brain gets a signal, if he continues to help with his stronger left hand then the right hand won't get stronger as fast.
His Occupational Therapists at Kessler are thinking of using 'restraint therapy'...restricting the use of the strong hand.
He can be so stubborn and will argue with me every step of the way!

I want to thank everyone for the kind, warm, enthusiastic support we've received this week!! Thanks John for your warm heartfelt note......working away with Paul can be a little isolating it's so wonderful when people respond with such warmth. I made a copy of your note so that I can reread it in the middle of the night when I can't get back to sleep.
Kim...thanks so much for everything you've done. 'Specially defending me to a bitter poster! The rice-neck-warmer you sent is like a warm hug. I've been using it since you sent it last month. Paul waved it off....I think he felt like an old man with a blanket on his lap. Then a few days ago I gave him a shoulder rub and put the warmer around his he asks for it!! LOL...I doubt he'll ask for it when we have's his dirty little secret!

We're living wild now!

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