Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sring at Kessler...

Boy it's been a long road to spring this year! That makes the sweet spring air even sweeter!

Paul had his first month Physical Therapy evaluation on Friday.
When Aaron evaluated Paul a month ago, he did a series of tests to judge Paul's balance.
The highest score is 56....and anything above a 50 means a low likelihood for a fall.
Paul scored 31...not terrible...but closer to a Weeble than we'd like.
Yesterday he scored 41!!
That's a 10 point jump in one month!
I'm thrilled...Paul is only slightly excited.

When Paul is at Kessler...Monday, Wednesday and Friday he doesn't use his wheelchair. We walk from site to site. He uses his wheelchair at home, downstairs.
I now have a new goal.
The wheelchair will be returned in one month!!
(I'll keep a light transport chair in the trunk of the car...just in case...I never want Paul to miss any fun for lack of transport!)
It's an ambitious goal...but off we go...reaching for the stars....well, at least the ceiling!

We've hit the road running....Gail, Paul and I went out to dinner twice this week.
A favorite Indian Buffet....Paul has to trust me to get the food he I go back to get MORE of the food he loves and if I forgot any of the food he loves.
Last night we went to see Matt at Gourmet Cafe...Paul was is humming heaven...soft-shell crabs.
Humming is Paul's favorite form of verbal communication....he hums beautifully and in perfect pitch!
Today we wandered the back roads of Jersey hunting for spring....we found some early traces.
Daffodils, jonquils, weeping willows, robins, a few tulips....and green hills.
It's coming folks and were ready!!


Anonymous said...

You continue to be my idol. Soft shelled crabs! I'd be humming too. Spring is slow to come to New Jersey. We'll be getting brown hills here soon. Yesterday had al fresco lunch with my girlies at Waterbar on the Embarcadero. It was heaven. Love to you both. Congratulations on the 10 point jump! Next month it will be 50+! ~Katherine

Theresa Cheek said...

WOW! You are on the good side now! So happy you can see some rewards from all the struggles!