Saturday, May 23, 2009

A few words... if I can only say a few words.....or write without the dots separating my thoughts.
By the way...what are the dots called?...I remember asking Paul.... and he told me....but now I can't ask him and of course I don't remember what he told me.
A quarter for the first person to tell me....see I'm up to date...I'm not offering a penny for your thoughts!

We're still reeling from Monday night.
Paul has jumped a notch or two since then...all the stimulation was a real charge for him.
Most people recovering from a stroke find that crowds, noise, action etc are too stimulating.
I've noticed that Paul hasn't been affected that way...I think he is very unusual. Before the stroke he could write a column and carry on a conversation with me at the same time. He could handle things coming at him in many directions.
Well, with or mechanical problems would send him into a woozle.

Physically Paul is really hitting his stride...making improvements daily. Aaron PT guru, is really pushing hard and Paul is responding.
Aaron sits on a short stool and has Paul pushing him down the hallway...."push...push right through me...go...go..."
I see them go by in a flash....almost running.
(Don't try this at appears larger...faster in the mirror)

Paul is "talking" non-stop.
""Da da gla da til da when do a dat th when...when? Da ta ta mata ta la when do da....da?""
With tons of inflection...but no real words YET. I take that back...he does say NO & YAH.

It is very frustrating at times....really...really frustrating....
and heartbreaking....
then frustrating.

Today....I started to gather all the lists...from Stu, Peter, Barbara....of everyone that donated, volunteered, sacrificed etc. I have hundreds of thank -you cards to write.
I'm very excited to write to everyone.
It will take me some if you don't get a note within a week...please be patient.....I'm writing as fast as I can.

On Tues May 26th we go to see the aphasia specialist....
and it is so exciting that we can consider all of her recommendations without worrying about "how are we going to pay for this"!!
I'll keep you posted....


Kimberly said...

I believe...they are called...ellipsis...I find I need them more and more the more kids I have...can't keep a continuous thought myself...and I have no other excuse...

BaileyZimmerman said... are the winner....I have your address....the check is on its way!!
Barbara came in second...just hours behind...I'll give her a dime....
Love you Kim!

Kimberly said...


River of Lights said...

Hi Bailey,
Just want you to know my thoughts are with you and Paul and I have missed his columns. Glad to hear the fundraiser went well and that it has gotten Paul's spirits up.

Whether I agreed with him or not, I always enjoyed the twinkle in his eye that the reader could sense he had as he wrote.

I pray for both of you, that he will heal, and for your strength.

I think you can not possibly know how many people are pulling for both of you.

All the best,

Michael Spice
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Green Bay Packer Fan