Saturday, May 23, 2009

A heartfelt letter from Bettie...

The night of the fundraiser a beautiful young woman, Christine Calandra, came up to Paul & me and told us about her Mother. Her Mom, Bettie Greber, had had a stroke just about the same time that Paul had his. Bettie also had to have additional surgery....the same day as the fundraiser.
It was such a hardship for Christine to come to the fundraiser...but she felt she just had to come and offer Paul & me support!
It was one of the loveliest moments of the evening.
Christine told us of her Mom's struggle to recover.
The next day I received this beautiful letter....painstakingly typed by
It is touching...and extremely telling.
No one can describe what it's like to have a stroke and one but someone recovering.
She is an inspiration to us...someone to look up to!
Much love to you Bettie....thanks so much!!

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