Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trip to Dr Barrett....

May 26th 1pm...appointment with Dr. Anna Barrett:

Usually I scope out any place we plan on going...a drive by...making sure that I can help Paul inside.
I figure we're going to a Kessler Rehab Institute so it should be outfitted to accommodate someone with disabilities. We pull into the impressive long sweeping drive and realize we have arrived at a campus. The note from the Dr. told us to head to the Visitor parking.
We pass several drives and find a VISITOR LOT.
I pull up to the in making sure I have the correct building.
Nope..."try down the hill at Out-Patient".
Drive down to first in again. "Yes" right building.
"How far is her office from this entrance? husband is handicapped and I want to make sure he can make the walk". Pointing to the right she responds "down the hallway door on the right".
I feet...700.
Piece of cake.
Heading back to the car I check out the curb and two dips...seems OK.
In we go....head down the hall...get Paul in a chair.
Go to the desk.."we're checking in for an appointment with Dr. Barrett"......"Oh, Dr. Barrett is on the second floor", "are you sure?".
"yep"...followed but an extensive set of directions.

Off we go....finding the elevator. Asking someone to hold the door....stepping off on floor #2, we proceed down an extremely long corridor...
400 feet...yes rehab will do that do you...everything measured in feet.
voices in the distance. We aim for voices. "Dr, Barrett's office?" "Dr. Barrett is on the floor below, floor #1....which is really floor #2".

(Note that is the European style of floor numbering. Ground floor... 1st floor, 2nd floor etc. Somehow I didn't think I'd find that in West Orange NJ.)

Heading back to the elevator I ask Paul if he wants to wait in a chair while I go downstairs to explore...double-check.... "No"
He's tough.

Off on floor a chair...snag a guy to pull chair closer.
Paul sits
I head off to make sure we are in the right place.

Of course it's down the frickin' long corridor...through the open doors.
Back to get Paul.
He chugs along like a turtle swimming in mud....after all he has now walked 1000'.
We get through the doors and land in a chair.
Magazine in hand.

"Oh, you're here to see Dr. Barrett? Are you sure you're seeing her here and not downstairs in the clinic?"
"Loud groan" in unison from Paul & me.

I mention that Paul has now seen every floor of Kessler and that we can't go downstairs unless she is CERTAIN that is exactly where he needs to be.
Milly escorts us to the lobby level....slowly,
yes you guessed it we're back where we started!

I'm instructed to fill out 3 more papers and go to the door down the "long corridor" of course..."to pay your co-pay & return and I'll bring Paul to an examination room".
I return and Paul crawls to the chair....finally the correct chair.
I glance at the clock....12:57.
Three minutes early.

We are never late!!

more later....


Wes said...

I'd say it builds character, but I imagine at some point you stop building it, and simply stockpile it.

Probably a lot like a waistline =]

Joel said...

Love the finish to this. Best wishes for you and Paul - taking inspiration from both of your strength.

Aunt Peggy said...

Your description of this experience is just typical Kessler to me. Remember its not the old Kessler any longer, its been bought by some new company. I have experienced first hand the incompetency at the people Kessler employs at the front desk. It really is pitiful to have someone like you and Paul jerked about by employees who don't know a thing. I wonder if there was really ever a Dr. Barrett that day. Love, Peggy