Saturday, July 11, 2009

The week in review....

Paul is almost physically back to where he was prior to the seizure....not quite as much stamina....but that also may be caused by the two siezure meds.
He is now a week into the 40 day switch from Dilantin to Keppra.
Yesterday the Physical Therapists tried Bioness on his right foot....during Paul's stay at in-patient they had tried it...didn't seem to be effective.

But yesterday looked very promising.
Bioness basically shocks the foot into response.
We learned that Paul must have almost NO feeling in his right leg.
It was full tilt and he couldn't feel the shock.....but it seemed to work.
So maybe it's a little mitzvah for him
It does point out one very important thing.
If Paul has no feeling in his right leg or arm then all the improvement he has made is by sheer force of will!!!!!

Here's a link to Bioness.

Tomorrow Heather & Dean arrive...we are so excited have them come for a few days. Dean is so excited to see'll be a lively few days. I can't wait to spend time with the kids and catch up.

Sunday the 12th.....
List of thanks for the week:
Kim Woods for sending Paul the book about football uniforms over the years..he spent hours going page by page.
Ed Botwinick for all your support and the great video...can't wait to show it to Paul.
Al Ginepra for the ton of CD's including 3 Stooges....big hit!....and your great weekly letters!
Cousin Nikki for trying to figure out Paul's Hebrew name.......Paul knows it but there is no way he can tell us...sigh!
Barbara for throwing us a mini "cocktail party" with a variety of cheeses from Sergio's.
Elle & Chuck for the Meals on Wheels...Elle style....thanks for saving the day!
Tom Danyluk....for the entire book of Paul's articles from the N Y Post...his entire run!! I am thrilled to have them all in one place...thank you...thank you!!
Youngie for sending me Vicki...another wife helping her husband to recover from a stroke!
and last but not least.....Stu for continuing to deal with the million and one details of the auction!!

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Anonymous said...


Let us know when ya'll hit upon Paul's Hebrew name. I hope he gets better and better, by force of will he can do it. It's a blessing to have friends, family and a mensch or two, three or four to help you and Dr. Zimmerman.