Saturday, August 29, 2009

Music and movement...

It's Saturday....our day of rest!
Hey, I think I need it more than Paul.
I can hear him downstairs....stepping away on his Reebok Step.
I'll go back down in a few and then he can practice walking backwards, sideways
& in a square.
This week Aaron put him through the wringer.
He had Paul go down the lonnnnng stairway at Kessler.....down, down to the basement....and back.
The amazing part?
Paul went from step to step with one foot on each step and no cane!!

Paul has sailed past where he was prior to the seizure.
When he finished I could hear him laughing....the loudest laugh I've heard since his stroke.
I had to go around the corner to find out what was so funny. Aaron asked him
"hey, did you hear about the plane that landed in the Rockaway Mall parking lot?"

The laughter made my week...month!
Once again I'm here to sing Aaron's praises!
He's helping Paul aim for the moon!

Paul is constantly asking to do more speech drills.
He is trying....I mean, trying....clawing his way back!
His effort surpasses words.

Nikki, Paul's cousin meet us for lunch. She really goes outta her way....she lives in Palm Desert and comes east to see her girls and sister. BUT she makes the effort to drive from Manhattan through the tunnel and wanders through find her way to Paul!!
What a gem!!

Hope everyone is well?
Having a great to hear from everyone...with summer news!!
Love to all!

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Anonymous said...

Bailey - your last posts have really lifted my spirits to know that Paul is progressing so well - never underestimate the human spirit - especially with the "season" starting so soon! Continued best wishes flowing your way - as I'm writing/reading from Columbus, OH I can only say Go Bucks! GO Browns! Cindy