Sunday, September 20, 2009


I belong to an internet group of women from around the world.
The other day one of them mentioned that they were truly happy.
I started thinking about it and realized that I am
truly happy.
I am truly loved and I know that I am capable of truly loving.
Paul is improving every tiny increments.
BUT improvement is improvement.

What is happiness?
I can't say I'm content....that is a little too complacent for where we are now...we can't afford contentment.
But we can afford a huge dose of happiness and laughter.
Paul is downstairs watching the Jets and New England....he is wrestling with the newspapers. It's not easy with one hand....but he damn well does it...and he does it damn well!

The light from lake is dancing on my studio ceiling....and a lonesome bird is chirping to himself.
I love this quiet time of year!
Windows open...soft golden light....the slowing down of summer.
I wonder how I'll feel when fall finally kicks in?
November 22 will mark a year into this journey.
I've always adored autumn....but I wonder if it will sting?


Anonymous said...

This makes me happy. :-) Katherine

Theresa Cheek said...

Haven't posted in a while....saw on Slowtravel you will be going to Venice! Wonderful place to recharge your soul! Enjoy. I stole away to Florence and Venice last year for only a week, but it was wonderful...

MyriamC said...

Happiness is in the small things, but we usually don't seee them because they're so obvious. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Suzy said...

That is a perfect definition of happiness. We all need to remember how lucky we are to be truly loved and to truly love someone else.