Sunday, November 22, 2009

As promised.....

We are both home safe n' sound.

I had worried so much about being away from Paul.
Would he regress....miss me so much he'd collapse in a heap?
I know he was happy to make it home and back into his own environment....his own bed.
I'm so grateful for all or our friends that came to see him....he was voted "most popular".
Well, at least by his adoring group of tablemates....there were moist eyes all around and a chorus of..."your husband is so kind and generous and warm".....
"his head is going to swell to the point you won't be able to get him out the door".

I had to promise to bring him back for a visit...or I wasn't getting him out the door to come home!
In all seriousness.....I really want to thank Mary Beth....who looked past Paul's many disabilities and realized how wonderful and persistent he is.....if she hadn't thought 'half-full' she wouldn't have admitted Paul to Chelsea. I can't thank her enough! She also rallied her troops...the entire staff was stellar.....5 star!!

Paul's time at Chelsea was marked by visits from Andrew.....who came out one Sunday to watch the games. Warren and Barbara came at the same time.....a football fest!!

Barbara was a dear....she brought Penny, the glamorous pup for another visit. Rumor has it that one of the residents at Chelsea was standing guard at the door. ""You are not bringing THAT dog in here"" with a few very choice words to follow. Barbara had the go-ahead to bring THAT she had to wait for the 'guard' to wander away and ran like hell into Paul's room.

Elle supplied homemade cookies to keep Paul happy.

Joni and Paul's longtime neighbor, Barbara came together for a visit...I think that Football was the topic of conversation.

A big THANK YOU to Aaron and Katherine for keeping Paul in the loop with therapy sessions!
Speaking of did Paul do?
Did he backslide?

Absolutely NOT!
He couldn't wait to get away from my watchful eye.
He now doesn't use the urinal.
Doesn't need any help getting dressed.

He's kicking his leg even higher during his leg high that I told him I was sending in his application.
I heard that the Rockettes were short by one.

I don't I know, he wouldn't be as far ahead if he hadn't gone to Chelsea. I was too afraid to let him loose. It's tough standing by as he teeters. But he is as strong as an ox.
So I don't help...but I do stand least for now!

Thanks to all that wrote!!
Sarah, dear, you'll have to translate your letter....I think I got most of it.'re a dear!
Denis...what a treat hearing from you!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to made our year!!

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