Saturday, November 28, 2009

Venice November 2nd - 17th

I can't believe that I've been back only eleven days...feels as if it
were a month ago.
So much happens within a week!

Every year I take the only non-stop flight from JFK to use to be flight #150. It's now flight #186. I swear it was a 7 hour flight just three years ago....and now 9 hours.
I looked it up in my journal.
Yup 7 they say 9 and when we arrive

'early'...the flight attendants go on and on about an early arrival.
Nope....just a built in defense from the airline.

This year I had a great seatmate....Sandy.
A flight attendant with American Airlines.
We hit it off... within 9 hours we felt like family.
Sandy even came down from the Dolomites to visit us for the day.
On top is a photo of Sandy on the right...Gail, my sister on left.

I adore Venice....the feeling is magical to me.
Lost in history...touching the stones that so many generations have touched before.
Walking the same calle that Casanova...Byron....Goldoni....Vivaldi.......thousands have tread...leaving a lasting echo.
This year we stayed at the same studio apartment that we stayed last year.
Corte Tiepolo. Halfway thru we switched to the larger apartment across the hall.
(An error in booking...sigh)
It may have been a great mistake. It was terrific having the extra space....two bedrooms and two full baths. The price tag is double...but ohhh the comfort.
It also gave us the opportunity to have a party!!
Elizabetta, Barbara, Morena, Matteo and Mauro always have dinners for was our turn.

Matteo is the one with the pot on his head.......sure wine was involved.
Morena Matteo and Mauro have a great wine store near the Rialto Bridge in Castello....Bottiglieri Collona. But I admit that I had never seen Matteo with a pot on his head at the store.
Here is a link to Tiepoletto, the larger apartment.
Another link to Corte Tiepolo.

Gail & I shopped for days....finding just the right glasses and desserts and more glasses and a few more goodies. It was so nice having the large table and living room. My little iPod speaker worked great.
It was a great night...everyone stayed til almost 2 am.
The next Saturday night, Elisabetta had a dinner at her house on Guidecca.
The food? Turkey in honor of our upcoming Thanksgiving. It was turkey with a twist...paprika, cream, wine, onion, leeks.....divine.
The ultimate surprise?

Her homemade tiramisu.
Gail passed out in rapture!!
We staggered out of Elisabetta's at 3 am....her neighbors were thrilled to hear us leave.
In fact...all of Guidecca cheered as the vaporetto pulled away from Rendentore!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, this is like nectar to my thirsty soul! I just LOVE hearing about your wonderful week. And I really believe that the whole district cheered when you left! Hahahah. I remember that happening at a State Park when we left with my noisey 2 year old. :-) That noisey 2 year old is 30 today. Where does the time go?


MyriamC said...

You picked a good season to be in Venice. I just saw on the news that it's flooded again ... like every year.