Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Dictionary Story - Sam Winston

I just received my copy of Sam Winston's A Dictionary Story...it is fabulous!
He also included a limited edition print...which I'm going to run out and have framed.
I am so excited about his work...it's a great holiday present I gave to myself!
Please check him out.
I hate to say this....because I don't like to put a price on art...but here goes....his Dictionary book is only 15 pounds/ $30 US.
It is a real steal....it is really a beautiful book!
His site has really great reproductions of his work.
Here is the link to Sam's Site.

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Anonymous said...

Aunt Lin,
Finally taking a minute to check in on you via the blog. I love the beauty you display through your pictures and other items you share. Thanks for letting us into your world. Glad you and Mom had such a nice trip. We love you and pray for you and Paul.
Have a Merry Christmas! (We're headed to Orlando to see Jason's family).
Love, Carey