Saturday, July 2, 2011

Venetian yesteryears.....

The Bridge of Sighs & Santa Maria della Salute without scaffolding or advertisements.

The postcard of the Venetian flag is the inscription. I checked out the two hotels that she mentioned. The Hotel Britannia is now the Europa & Regina.
Very high end..and she was going to spend a month to six weeks....nice!!
LOL....I just noticed that I accidentally used the dollar sign.


Eric said...

I totally adore your photograph of Santa Maria della Salute. I think it's one of the best compositions I've seen. Depth in the three layers of distance (patio, gondola, church); space in the implied extension of buildings on each edge; texture in the clouds and in the water; unity in the circles of the dome, the umbrella, and the tables. The absence of people in the foreground enhances the other elements, as does the lack of color -- I think color would have massively distracted and detracted from everything else here. It's just a fantastic photograph. What are the chances that this will be in your purchasing gallery?

BaileyZimmerman said...

Eric...the sepia photo of Salute is an old postcard. I only sell my own images...but I will e-mail you a jpeg of the postcard if you send me your e-mail!