Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paul's drawings.....

Paul has started to do some drawing....when he was a boy he did some amazing artwork.
He hasn't drawn in years....and since the stroke he has had no way to really
I love this one.
When I looked at it I immediately knew what he was trying to convey...a man
with so much in his head so much he's trying to say and no way to express it.
A heavy burden and such a lose for the rest of us!!


shamsky24 said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us and giving us a window into Paul's world. My sister is going through something similar with her father-in-law, and the peaks and valleys can be a tremendous source of frustration at times.

I wish you and Paul all the best -- I've always thought he was the best football writer I've ever read, and I miss reading his columns. I'm just glad that he has someone like you to look after him, and I hope to find him on the pages of SI again one day.

Be well.

Elizabeth said...

Linda, I love this! Thinking of you and Paul...

Anonymous said...

Thank you, shamsky24. You and I share the same sentiments... only you said it better than I could have.