Monday, June 25, 2012

Surprise in old suitcase.....

Around this house you never know what 'treasures' lurk in hidden corners or old suitcases.
I've noticed this great old suitcase for years....I always thought it was empty.
Today I looked inside.
It is full of old letters and postcards.....all the mail that Paul ever sent to his Mother and Father.
Rose saved them all and in chronological order.

The letter above was written by Paul when he was a sophomore at Stanford.

The Paris postcard was sent in 1957....I think it's so interesting....especially the part about the 
rock being thrown at the Mona Lisa.....

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Zaxor said...

that was a real find Bailey...I continue with my best wishes for you and Paul..
On the road of life sometimes it is amazing what adversity can bring though we would never wish it on anyone.

you two stay strong

lots of love


BaileyZimmerman said...

Zaxor...thanx for the love!
I think I'll go explore the garage....I have my eye on another leather suitcase. Never know what I'll find.....a few years ago I found Paul's Mom's teeth....dentures.
What a coup!!!!

Dave said...

Absolutely brilliant! It is a joy to read these old letters and see the charm and wit that made me love Paul's sports writing. I'd love to see more!

Elizabeth said...

Linda, I am so behind on my blog reading! I just found this. This is amazing, it gives me tingles! What a treasure!

Olivier R said...

Was Just looking around your beautiful blog. talking with a friend earlier today we both agree NFL seasons are not the same without Paul's stories. We miss him here in France. Best wishes to you Paul and your family