Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dr. Z on NFL Films Presents.....

Thought you might be interested:
NFL Films just produced a segment on Dr. Z.....the air times are listed below.
The program is NFL Films Presents:
 November 22nd is the 5th anniversary of Paul's stroke.
Ken Rodgers and narrator Tom Wopat did a wonderful job!!

Here's to a brighter 2014,
Linda and Paul Z

11/19/2013 (Tues)  10:30 pm
11/20/ 2013 (Wed) 3:00 pm
11/22/ 2013  (Fri) 4:30 pm
11/23/2013  (Sat) 1:00 pm

11/20/2013  (Wed)  1:30 am
11/21/2013 (Thur)  1:30 am 

Paul on far right....old rugger shot!


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Unknown said...

Really pleased to see this. I will definitely be tuned in. :)