Friday, November 16, 2007

Hello from Venezia

Well Ms I am.
We are having a grand time....way too much it possible to have too much vino?
It takes me awhile to get into a rhythm...finding an internet location....the best place for a cappucino. I need more time...maybe an entire year. Time for daily Italian lessons...hours to sit and paint....oh, the time just disappears. My spelling just goes down the drain. I start thinking in my english goes into the vapors. Could it be the vino?
I am the proud holder of an abbonamente....a pass that allows me to buy a month vaporetto pass!! I am now official sailor!!
I promise when I return on the 20th..a full report...lots of visuals.

Tonight is our party at Elizabetta's.....we usually return to our apartment around 3 am....I may be in a coma tomorrow!!

A big hug to all!!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how much better one's Italian is when they've had a bit of vino! Cin cin, la mia amica. Buon Compleanno a Lunedi!