Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm home...I'm home...ah Venezia

Came in around 3 pm yesterday. Not a bad flight!
Paul greeted me with his little-boy face. What a great face for the best welcome home. He had a cart all ready for the trek to the parking lot. Then we slugged our way through traffic and headed to Reservoir Tavern by 5pm...we wanted to snag our favorite table. I have to say the food at Reservoir sure holds its own against the food in Italy.
It was great coming home to late autumn...there are still some wild-red and neon-yellow leaves...against black trunks...and the smell of autumn is divine!!

Today is catch-up day. I did download my memory cards. Went to the grocery store to pick up the last things I need for tomorrow's feast.

I promise a very detailed report and tons of photos....really I will...just give me a day or two!!

Can't wait to start........cheers to all!!!

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