Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thanks Ruth........aka Boleskine on Slow Trav

Ruth Edenbaum has been a real gem in helping me hunt down Venetian treasures. She has been to Venice too many times to count. She & her husband Martin go to Venice twice a year and stay for a month each time!
She is the co-author of Chow! Venice (her co-author is Shannon Essa). This book is a must-have if you plan on going to Venice!!
Link to Chow! Venice website

If you are planning a stay in Venice I would also highly recommend reading her trip reports on SlowTrav.
Here's a link to Slow Trav
When you reach the home the top of the page click on 'trip reports'. When you reach the 'trip report' page there is a spot to enter the trip #.
I'm including the list of her trip report numbers starting with the latest and going back.
Report #'s
1339....1255...1085....1016....614....567...440....340....307 (includes Sicily)...306
Have fun reading!

The photo above features a couple of her suggestions
Vizio Virtu...the most incredible hot chocolate...make sure you ask for whipped cream.
Vizio Virtu's website
Fiat Chocolate from Drogheria Mascari's


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