Sunday, December 2, 2007


Tonolo is the most exciting way to gain weight!!
What a delirious way to go!!
You know how some cakes & pastries look wonderful but fall short in the taste department? Well, have no fear...Tonolo delivers!!

Tonolo doesn't have a website so I decided to include a's located at the large red dot.
They are open Tuesdays through noon on Sunday. (closed half day Sunday & all day Monday)

Within eyesite is a great internet shop...TeleradioFuga.

When I see all of these beautiful creations I think of my niece Kim, the perfect hostess!! What a tea party we could throw!!

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Kimberly said...

You are so sweet!
I just popped on the computer for a few minutes after finishing up my Christmas Tea. Those pastries look delightful. I could definitely have fun serving (and eating) those.
Let's plan on taking tea together as soon as you come to town. I would so love to see you!
BTW-I used the beautiful creamer and sugar set you gave me for my tea today. They really are so lovely.