Thursday, June 12, 2008

Barbara's Column

My friend Barbara Neibart had her first column published today in the Daily Record!!
Congratulations Barbara....can't wait til you start a weekly column.

Barbara is a fabulous artist and now a published writer!! I've mentioned her on previous posts...take a look at some of her artwork:
October 9th, October 26th, December 20th and May 7th.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Barbara! I think you'll be an interesting voice to read regularly.

Why I cried at SATC - I have never had 3 friends who would be there for me through thick and thin; who would put on expensive shoes with their pjs and walk through snowy city streets to be with me on a lonely New Year's Eve. Yes, SJP is too thin and they were all rather self absorbed. I won't wear heels much less shoes that expensive!

I need to work on my women friendships!

~K in Silicon Valley