Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lake Shawnigan-Cowichan Valley Wines

We had a very relaxing stay at Shawnigan Shores B&B.
Jasmine was our constant companion....she was so insistent... her sister, Bob, abandoned us.
The floating dock was a great place to sit and watch the waterskiers whiz by.

I also got to unwrap all of my bugs from Tofino Botanical Gardens....I WANT MORE !

Shawnigan Shores is a great location to stay if you plan on visiting the Cowichan Valley wineries.

Link to Vancouver Island wineries.
Type in: "Vancouver Island wines" in the search'll see info about the Cowichan Valley wineries.

We visited every winery that was open....a few had sold out of this years vintage and were closed for the season. One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to Venturi-Schulze Vineyard.
It was a fabulous night with an incredible family of passionate winemakers. I can't say enough about the warmth, intelligence and passion for wine that Marilyn, Michelle and Giordano shared with us. It was a night of fantastic food and
T E R R I F I C W I N E S ! ! !

Check out their website....have a peek at the video. The only thing missing on the video is the bald eagle that I spotted...and of course there is no way to taste the absolutely best pasta I've ever had. An invitation to share a meal with the Venturi-Schulze is known as the ultimate compliment....we are humbled!!
Thumbs up to passion in Cowichan Valley!!!

Notes on Restaurants*
Our favorite restaurant at Lake Shawnigan was Amuse Bistro.
A charming couple have opened a very delightful restaurant. The evening was perfect for an meal outdoors in their lovely 'treehouse' was relaxed and the food was inspired.
We also had a dreamy lunch at Glenterra Vineyard.
After a tasting of their wines we decided to stay for lunch.....something so seductive about this inviting valley. Maybe it was the soft sunlight and the gentle breeze...the good wine.... Ahhh!!

(May 24th - May 27th)

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