Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ringing out the old year....thank God!!

Just a quick note about Paul and his progress........journey.
He has had a wild ride this last few weeks....literally wild rides. Two trips back to the hospital...he took a dive at rehab. Down he went on his head. Thank God his head is scan OK.
Trip two - bladder spasms....bad pain. Think it's now addressed. Also hoping that rehab stays on top of his Coumadin (med for blood thinning) readings.

Speech slow in returning...."when" is his word. As in When...when...wheeen..when...........when...when......whennn...when....when when...when..when.....WHEN...when..when...When....wHen....when whenwhenwhenwhenwhen. I have to stop him and repeat what he has said so that he 'hears' it. When he speaks he hears what is in his head, which is a full spectrum of words.
Sound frustrating?
You can only imagine!

I find that the best thing to do is try to speak for him. When someone says something, I know what he's I say it for him. He howls with laughter!! I don't think he thought that I was paying such close attention for all these years!
I'm becoming Paul.

Much love to all and when you ring in the new year.....think of us and send us a toast!!

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AnnaMaria said...

Ciao Bella, Buon Capodanno to both of You..I was admiring your photos, they are Superbe.
Just hang on Linda, everything pass in life and with God will all that is happening now will be just a bad memory.
Paul is in my prayers.
A big Hug to both of you, Ciao, AnnaMaria