Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thankful end of the year. . .

What a great day...a peaceful day...locked away in the house....too much snow to leave.
A wind whipping across the lake....a few minutes to create.
Started the day with mint tea and english muffin that I sliced with my new Swiss Army knife. (gifts from Barbara). I topped the muffin with the peach butter from Kim...and lit my candle from Gail.
Then I opened my e-mail from Anthony...and a Robert Frost poem appeared. I then remembered the song I received from Yves the other day....introducing me to Holly Cole.
More e-mails...Karl, coming to visit us tomorrow. Katherine with wishes of love & strength. Shari saying just the right things.
Then I head to the mailbox...Beverly our maillady always makes it through the snow. Inside the box was another big surprise!! Amazing treats from Kim.
So I sit here counting my blessings...yes a cliche phrase....stuffing my face with peppermint mocha shortbread.....and realize that I am happy.
Yes...thanks to all of the love that all of you have sent my way!!

WOW what a boost of from the heart to feed my soul!!

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Linda! We love you and Paul. You're in our thoughts & prayers. Carey

Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year! I've been thinking about you and Paul...