Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tomorrow's the big event!

Today is a day of the hell is rest?
Welllllll it's a day that we don't have to leave the house......and a day without a specific

The fundraiser for Paul is tomorrow night at Mayfair Farms.
Link to Mayfair Farms.
(It's been a delight working with Tony & Sam at Mayfair Farms!)
The response has been amazing....there will be well over 200 people attending.
Donations have poured in from around the world!

When Peter King and Barbara Neibart offered to 'do something'...I figured they would open a Pay Pal account and that 20 people would donate $10.
I thought great...anything will help to defray the wild cost of rehab. The outpour of love and support is miraculous!
Barbara's first course of action was to find out about opening a non-profit account.
She headed over to her accountant to finish up her taxes. News not so would take a few months....but he had an idea. McGivney & Kluger, the lawfirm upstairs runs a non-profit organization....maybe just maybe they would help.
Barbara met with Ed Nelson and YES they would be happy to assist!
Peter gathered amazing items/packages together to offer at an auction...he mentioned it in his Monday Morning Quarterback column... Link... and it was off and running....developing a life of its own!
Barbara and I looked at each other..."Auction?" "Do you know anything about an auction? Maybe Peter knows?"....quick e-mail to Peter. "Nope..."
Somewhere outta the heavens appeared Stu Kirsch....he offered to help with the auction.
He and Josh Tolub have angelically run this ethereal over-the-wire event!
Take a look at what Stu & Josh put together with the items that Peter gathered!!
Link to auction.

Thanks to Gary Gottlieb, a family member with prestigious medical credentials, arranged for us to discuss Paul's case with a prominent Harvard/Spaulding rehab specialist....Dr Zafonte has been wonderful making arrangements for Paul to see an Aphasic specialist.
On May 26th we have an appointment for Paul to be evaluated!
It is so wonderful knowing that we can go to this appointment and not worry about the expenses for the extensive therapy!
I think it is wonderful that Paul has this support....people recognize how much he has given and they want to return the favor!
We are most humbled!!


Elizabeth said...

Linda, so good to hear this! Love to you both.

magusdee said...

No need to be humbled. Doctor Z and the Flaming Redhead are still our royalty!