Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a night.....! ! !

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The above article is from Peter's Kings column....

link to column.

Well Peter King and Barbara Neibart did it...put on the most fabulous shindig!!

They pulled together an incredible team...there is no way any of this would have happened without the efforts of Stu Kirsch....he and Josh put the entire auction together. What amazing people. Stu drove down from the Boston area...worked all day and headed back late last night.
He has a horse farm...and those babies won't tolerate Dad being away too long!!

I also want to say a big thanks to Ed Nelson who made it possible to have all the paperwork and funds go through the Nothing is Impossible Foundation. A non-profit fund that was started by
Charles McGivney Jr & Jeffrey Kluger...of the famous firm of McGivney & Kluger.

I don't think there will ever be a way to thank them!!

Mayfair Farms sparkled...the setting was fabulous and the staff superb!
Friends...fans....poured in from near and far (Seattle, San Francisco, Montreal, Boston.....)
Steve Politi, a columnist from the Newark Star Ledger wrote a great piece that appeared in this morning's edition.
Link to Steve's article.

Paul had a terrific night...
and that makes me very happy!

ps...I will write more later....thanking everyone...coaches....teams...organizations....friends....family....fans...and the many people that
have made it possible for Paul to get extensive therapy....off to take care of Beastie!!


Rosemary said...

Wonderful! It's obvious that you two are very special people, loved by so many. I'm so glad it was a success.

Unknown said...

Hi, Linda... I am so thrilled to read that the event was such a success! Those of us who were able only to provide our support from a distance were certainly thinking last night of everyone who could actually attend. I cannot wait to hear (to see, to read!) what the therapy will bring.