Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another blow....

The last few weeks we were really on a roll!
Paul was making great progress...we were beginning to return to some activities....dinner with friends...casual Sundays...hard work at rehab during the week.

We had even made an important decision....we were going to put off our trip to the University of Michigan. We made that decision based on several reasons.
The main reason?
The therapy he's receiving here in NJ.
Paul was doing extremely well in Physical Therapy and we were going to start a new therapy in OT, restraint therapy. Katherine Gallagher was going to come an additional day for speech and Pam had started Paul on a new Speech Therapy at Kessler..PROMPT.
Things were starting to come together!!
We thought that staying on track here in Jersey was a great idea. Plus the fact that the aphasia program at the University of Michigan runs every 6 we can go at a later date.

Well....on Wednesday as we were getting ready for Kessler.....Paul had a seizure.
At first I thought Paul was faking.
Yes, for years, Paul thought it was funny to gasp and fake.
It took me ten seconds before I really believed what was happening. Then I had to figure out if he were choking or having a seizure. I started to get him in the position for a Heimlich Maneuver...then I realized that he was breathing and that it was a seizure.
I called 911.
Paul then stopped seizing and fell into a very deep sleep with loud snoring sounds.
So I knew he was breathing.
I ran upstairs to open the doors and to put pants on.
The team arrived within 2 minutes....and off to St. Clair's for round is round four? five!!

Holy much can a body take?

It was a really scary time waiting to see how Paul came through the seizure!
He seemed fine...same as he was prior to the seizure.
In the ER I told him that he looked great! He sneered...I knew he was thinking..."Yah, just as normal as...""what the hell is NORMAL""?
All tests came back and all the geniuses believe that Paul had a seizure as a result of scar tissue from the stokes.
It is not unusual.
(Just wish I had been given a heads up re: siezures.)

Now...the not so nice part.
Paul will have to be on anti-seizure medication.
After talking to 4 doctors, we thought that it was the route to take.
Paul wants to continue his therapy...and stay as aggressive physically. If he doesn't take medication the possibility of another seizure is high. If he has a seizure while walking he would have a great chance of falling.
And falling at 76 on Coumadin is an absolute nightmare.

Side effects of Dilantin....there are some not so wonderful things to worry about and watch....and then there is a very upsetting one. Slowing of motor skills.
So let's see....Paul wants to continue working hard....but now he faces slowing of motor skills....that and he's very sleepy.
I went back to the drawing board and contacted more Doctors...Pharmacists...nurses....even a close friend that is a Veterinarian. (Vets I believe have a greater sense of medical care than MANY medical Dotors...that and the fact that Vet school is tremendously harder to get into!)
Ok...back to my point.
"How is this better for Paul..if he is groggy and sluggish how will he be able to advance is therapy?"
Everyone one I talked to that knew anything about anti-seizure medication told us to wait it out...give it a week...10 days...body will adjust and he should come back to his NORMAL.
So now...we wait!!
Paul returns to Kessler tomorrow morning...and I once again pray that he doesn't get another boot in the face as he tries to climb the ladder again!

Please if you have any breath left to once again send us good vibes, prayers, feng shui...we would be most grateful!!


magusdee said...

The good vibes are a-flowing eastward from northeastern Oklahoma as we speak! And, too, the lapsed Lutheran prayers, and, too, the growling at God Above for presenting another platter of challenges to my favorite couple, when I'd requested the Full Speed Ahead buffet! I say Paul puts paid to this speed bump quickly and bulls his way straight through it. I'm more worried about you, Linda, having to go through all this; I know I'd have been sectioned to a padded room long ago if I were in your place! You're amazing, as is Z, and "temporary setback" I pray is all this is.


Anonymous said...

Linda and Paul,
Praying to the God who heals and holds you both in His hand...asking that He would strentghen you and show His love and compassion to you and give you His peace which passes all understanding. Love, Carey

Anonymous said...

oops..strengthen you...Love, C

Anonymous said...

OH,Linda..I am so sorry to hear about this new health problem..I will send many good vibes for you and for Paul..Try to be calm although that is not an easy task.Paul has a strong will and I am certain that he will be able to overcome this setback to his health.
You both are in my thoughts.
A BIG HUG to both of you.
Ciao Bella, you are a wonderful Lady,

Bob and Rosemary said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the set-back. I will send good thoughts into the universe that it is merely that and that he will continue to improve. You guys are amazing.