Monday, June 15, 2009

Back in the saddle......

Once again.....or is is 6th again....Paul pulled himself together
and headed back to Kessler in the silver stead with the Flaming Redhead at the wheel.
I've taken on Paul's driving makes him chuckle.
I really have to thank everyone that came together to offer us support....I know I couldn't do it without you....and if I collapse...Paul goes down.
The Kessler staff didn't skip a beat...and within a couple hours Paul was joking around.
Then Paul hit PT and Aaron gave him a round of encouragement.
He told Paul that he hasn't lost any fact he did better in a few of the drills.
(Paul had been working so hard for the last few weeks to strengthen his hip flexors)
Aaron just feels that Paul is exhausted and will rebound within a few days....that little talk really made a difference!!
That and the fact that Beth came sailing in with a kiss and a wish!!

Tomorrow....Katherine comes for a speech session...and more encouragement!!

Thank God for all of you and everyone that wrote a quick helped me to sit up straight and take it on the chin.....AGAIN!!

PS CONGRATULATIONS to Aaron...Kessler employee of the month!!


Anonymous said...

Bravo Paul! What a HUGE relief.


magusdee said...

Tell Z to hone in on that therapy as I've a Nabokov question to ask him. ("After what athlete did VN name 'Ned Litam,' Lolita's tennis instructor?") He'll know it.

Ant in OK

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.