Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Early Father's Day....

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Boy do I miss the kids..........
Heather sent an early Father's Day card. She's in nursing school (Top of class) and won't finish up til August of next year....Dean, the Colonel as Paul calls him, turned two in February. Steve (not in photo)...won Best of Show in the Son-in-Law category for the last several years.
Nathan and Sabrina...I miss my big bear son....and dear sweet Sabrina.
Sarah & Natasha the wonder girls in California....and Mike...congrats on cooking school graduation.

A quick ps:
Today Paul seems a lot better re: the drowsiness. He's a little down..put hey...a day in the dumps is a normal thing.....considering what his 'normal' is now!

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Anonymous said...

Holy cow! TWO! Where did the time go? (I know, for you at PT sessions!)