Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday...a work day

Earlier today we did some therapy sessions.
Paul really has improved on the 'matching card game'.
I think the toughest part of the card game
is his loss of vision...he really has to bear down and remember to look to his right.
He also did some writing...both printing and cursive,
Counting and indentifying of numbers,
and vocal games.
That is really terrific!
Better than before the seizure...whew....relief here!!

Today Paul is sorting through boxes in the kitchen.
He just started to go through boxes of paperwork/books etc.
I asked him if he could read any of it...."no". Hmmm, I said...I think you reading more than you do you know what you want to keep and what to toss?

I have a homemade variation of lemon bars in the oven.
Decided to find out how lime-coconut would taste in place of the lemon juice.
I'll let you know.
(Of course I decided to bake on one of the warmer days....Paul never called me 'bright Linda')

I still hear Paul on the monitor sorting....opps,
just heard the timer go off!!
Happy Saturday to you!!

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