Friday, June 26, 2009

Two weeks in limbo...

The last two weeks...from June 1oth...have been difficult!
We're just starting to see through the setbacks.
In fact...Paul is coming along....again.
I think he is afraid to hope....hope that he will continue on a
clear path.
We have seen three Doctors this week and consulted with a fourth.
It looks as if Keppra will be the drug of choice for seizure control.
Evidently, having a seizure this far removed from the strokes is a pretty good
indication that Paul would have other seizures.
So seizure medication it is.
Here's the will take at least a month to switch drugs.
(See above for the directions...seriously these are the directions!...No I didn't destroy the directions.....)
Yep, even though he has only been on the other drug for a few weeks.
AND...there is a chance that during the switch he may have another seizure.
But, the side effects of the long run...are more severe than Keppra.
Why didn't the doctors start him on Keppra to begin?
Dilantin is an EASIER drug to monitor....easier to start a regimen.
My head is spinning.
But, I am so grateful that the doctors that we called on this week were very informative, warm and encouraging!
Wish Paul he jumps into this switch.
Wish us strength & wisdom to continue to make the best choices.

We are so ready for some normalcy...some feeling of stability...some fun!!
It was so good to hear Paul laugh out loud yesterday.

There is something that is very encouraging....he is starting to be able to follow verbal directions for speech activities. I usually try to do some verbal exercises as we drive to rehab. In the past it was not working.
But really took hold. In fact, he was so excited that he wanted to continue working while we were waiting for Dr. Barrett.
It will really help for him to be able to give me a clear verbal 'yes' & 'no'....especially while we are driving. He always asks me questions and hasn't been able to SAY yes or no....he shakes his head. try to drive and look to your right!!
Not good!


Bob and Rosemary said...

Dear Linda,
Your words, your strength and determination, and your beautiful art are so inspiring in such a heartbreaking situation. May Paul continue to improve.

Suzy said...

So glad to hear that things are back on the upswing. I've been thinking a lot about you these past few weeks. I'm sure there will continue to be good days and bad days...just try to remember all of the good thoughts and prayers going your way, and make sure to keep your sense of humor! When my husband was ill we tried to find something to laugh at whenever possible. My favorite was when we were arguing over who had to go pick up dinner. "I went last time" and "I'm too tired" until finally he started whining, "But I have go get it." After a much-needed laugh, I went and got the dinner.