Saturday, September 5, 2009

Letter from Joel

Hi Linda,

Sorry for not having e-mailed in some time (I was the guy from Michigan that emailed about Ann Arbor and U of M). I hope all is well with Paul and especially you. I read the blog and felt that I had to write you today.

I was moved and inspired by your words and wanted to say thank you for continuing to "share" Paul with us through your your blog. The "humaness" and raw emotion you bring to posting about your personal feelings and Paul is inspiring and refreshing.

Because of my new job, I haven't been able to keep up with reading the blog as much. Reading his memoirs made me smile, like his wit and humor always has. Also made me tear up at my desk, reminded of Paul and the amazing complexity and humor that is him. I LOVED the boring bug story, especially as the father of a precocious and articulate seven year old boy wise beyond his years. To mentally picture him on ABC invoking the Boring Bug is pricleless and a great example of how I think of Dr Z from growing up reading his articles. And wondering as a young boy what kind of Dr. he was! :)

I have also come to appreciate the IMMENSE amount of talent and gifts in your household through your phtotgraphy. Your gift to capture nature and have a simple picture emote feelings inside someone is awe inspiring.

I continue to keep you and Paul in my prayers. I really think the phrase "behind every great man, there is an even greater woman" was written with you in mind. For everyone who cares about Paul or Dr. Z. a million thanks and sincere gratitude. As always, you are Paul's rudder and compass that we as his readers have known for years.

Take care,

Joel I appreciate your kind words more than I can express..................

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