Saturday, September 5, 2009

Time marches on....and on.

Here we are approaching 10 months....seems closer to 10 years!
The last week has been good...we keep in constant motion...somehow that seems to help.
Less time to dwell on what isn't and look closer at what is.
What is?
Humor is what is.....
Paul is constantly trying to hide things....
faking a frozen hand....
making crazy faces.
I do have to say he stopped with the seizure-faking.

The last week he has started to do something that is really wonderful...
it seems simple but it is really wonderful.

He can pretty much say "yah" and "no". It only took 10 months and thousands of hours.
It works really well at home....between us. If we are out with others and he really wants to talk....then it's less consistent.

Earlier this week Peter King called and wanted to come out with Ann on Friday to meet us for lunch. That evening Jared Bell called and also asked about lunch on Friday.
We all headed to Montville Inn.
It was great catching up with everyone and hearing some football news.
Paul is so far behind and so busy surviving rehab...he was...
geeze....not quite sure exactly how he felt.
He seems OK without his game.
But it really seems so odd to me...he adored football and all that surrounded the game.

Maybe survival leaves no room for anything else?

Paul & I went for a walk today....heard a woodpecker.
Love the hollow knocking sound.
The melancholy shadow of the arrival of fall.
My favorite time of year.....I ain't no sissy....I can handle the shadows of life.

The mystery of autumn!

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