Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mr. September

Paul is Mr. September in the 2010 Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, calendar.
I think it was quite an honor to be chosen as one of twelve....there are thousands of people that come through the Kessler system every year.
I still can't believe how much determination he has....right now he is downstairs watching the game and exercising.

He never gives up!!


Carole Collier said...

BRAVO! Love the hair! Hugs and kisses to you both.

Kimberly said...

What a wonderful tribute to you BOTH! Love you!!!

pop ramblings said...

GO DR. Z! We miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bailey,
Neither you or your husband know me, but I read his weekly football rants for years. I just wanted to wish you both a wonderful holiday season.

Anonymous said...


Neither you nor Dr. Z know who I am, but I am a grateful reader who misses the Doc's weekly column about football analysis, wine, and his beloved flaming red-head!!!

May God bless both of you this holiday season! Lord, what I wouldn't give to hear the Doc's thoughts of Miami's "Wildcat" offense! I remember him writing of telling Dan Reeves to use the old single-wing with Michael Vick some years ago!!

All the best,

Matt Bumgarner

Anonymous said...

Wishing Dr. Z and his family the speediest recovery possible. He's got the will and the grit and the intelligence and the support to work his way back. I hope he also has the necessary good fortune to go with it.

BaileyZimmerman said...

Thanks everyone.....boy I miss his writing too!!
I miss his stories....and yes, even his bad jokes!!

Anonymous said...

First a heartfelt wish that the New Year brings Paul one step closer to full recovery. I'm sure you miss his irascible wit much more than those of us who were faithful readers of his weekly column, but it would be so nice to be able to read his stories and take on football again! Echoes of his rants still come to mind when TV commentators say something particularly pointless, so at least for me he has not been forgotten. Thank you for sharing the joys and struggles of Dr. Z's rehabilitation - you both are truly inspirational!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Z, I would like to wish you a very Happy Holidays. I've known about Paul and your outstanding care for him from Peter King's column. About one month ago, my mother had a severe stroke, at age 64, and is facing a very steep climb toward recovery. It seems insurmountable at times and our family is hurting always. But she still has the ability to speak, which has allowed us to say all we've needed to say. I know something about what you've gone through, and I just wanted to say that I hope for the very best for you both and that you remain strong. Paul is very lucky to have such a caring and loving partner. When my mother was in ICU and unable to speak, she managed to write "love makes all the difference" on a piece of scrap paper. I still have it at home and am trying to live that message every day.

Mauricio said...

We miss you Dr. Z and will patiently wait for your return.

Anonymous said...

Linda, this is just fabulous! He's Mr. September but you are Ms 2010 to me. You both are such an inspiration. When I start whining about my phyical therapy, I will think of Paul and the huge struggles he's made over the past year. Love you both so much!


BaileyZimmerman said...

What a boost to our spirits....getting such a warm response from everyone!!
We're off to Monday!!

ps Anonymous....wishing your Mom a speddy recovery.
Although there is no such thing as a speedy recovery. When well meaning people say to you.."it's like being a two year and relearning everything". I have to bite my tongue...and NOT say...."no it would be like a brain-injured two year old".
It takes a two year old about 5-10 times to get it right. It has taken Paul close to a million times to get some things back.......

Jim Longo said...

Reading Paul's columns over the years has taught me more about football than all the analysts on Fox, CBS, and ESPN put together. I'm glad to know he's getting better, and I hope next Christmas finds him saying, "Stroke? Oh, yeah--I forgot about it, it was so long ago."

rockbro said...

Dr Z, Here's wishing you and your lovely wife a wonderful holiday of continual progress and healing. I miss your writing and look forward to seeing it again soon. I met you at Minado restaurant a short time ago, and enjoyed speaking with you. Have always loved your writing and humor. Keep working hard and getting better.
Thanks to you Bailey, for working so hard for your husband! Let's hope for a great New Year for your both.
Take care,
Paul M. Zuzock

Chris Wegner said...

Happy Holidays to you and Dr. Z! As long reader of Dr. Z's fantastic prose, I am so happy to see and hear that he is making such great progress. This football season has not been the same without him. He is a lucky man to have such a wonderful wife! Enjoy the Holidays! Thank you for the Update.

Yemi Ogunbase said...

Mrs. Z:

Merry Christmas to both you and the Doc. I want to just point out how much of a blessing you have been to Dr. Z through (probably) the most difficult challenge of your marriage.

I suspect he is able to work as hard as he is on recovery because he knows that he has a teammate who more than has his back.

Our prayers are with you both.

Yemi Ogunbase

JHoltgym said...

i'm one of the countless (albiet "published") follower's of Dr. Z's columns.....
You are truly a saint, and my most profound wishes that you and Paul find 2010 a much better year than the one's which you have most recently experienced......
warmest regards,

Unknown said...

You and Paul continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I started subscribing to SI in the early 80s while still in high school and have been a big fan of his writing ever since. Happy holidays to you both.

Anonymous said...

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Codefox said...

Mrs. Z, I've only been a fan of the Doctor for about a decade since I'm just a youngin' but he's given me such a different appreciation of what the game is through his incredible football knowledge. Dr. Z (along with the Peter King...what a combo those two make on a writing staff!) always kept me coming back to SI and wanting more.

I don't know if we'll ever get Dr. Z back (and we all hope we do!) but I hope that YOU get him back. Best of luck to both of you in the holiday season and in the year beyond. I look forward to the day when Dr. Z is going to put his own message up here. 8)

Damian said...


I am a Patriots' fan from New Zealand. I always used to feel so proud when Dr Z would mention my country in his columns and posts. I wish you both all the very best for the festive season and a swift recovery for the indominatable Dr Z.

Kcar said...

Happy Holidays to Bailey and Paul. I am so grateful to you for sharing Dr. Z's rehab progress with us and for staying strong.

To the both of you: remember that even in the darkest moments, there are many, many people in America and around the world rooting for you, hoping that you both will soon be able to do all the things you still want to do in the world.

Paul: You're simply the best sportswriter I've read. Period. Because you're opinionated, willing to change the format of your column, and so skilled at working in your own athletic experiences. More: it's also a joy to read your thoughts on the world outside of sports.

You're a fascinating guy. Keep fighting. You have a legion of people pulling for you and Bailey. We need to have you back writing and changing the world.


Greg Cox said...

God bless Dr. Z. "Flaming Redhead" you have no idea how many writers your husband has inspired, entertained and informed over the years. Saying I miss his work is an understatement. -Greg

djangoz said...

Thinking of you this season, Dr. Z. You too Linda. :)

Thanks for all the fantastic insight you've shared with me over the last decade. I look forward to your return. It's hard to make sense of this crazy beautiful sport without reading your thoughts each week.

p.s. A nice bottle of wine, dinner and two tickets to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival awaits you in Ashland, Oregon next time you guys are here.

Sean Ferrell said...

Wishing you and The Good Doctor all the best this holiday season. God bless.

BaileyZimmerman said...

I'm having such a great time reading all of these well wishes to Paul!
Many, many thanks for taking the time to post!

mikedburt said...

DR Z looks terrific! Keep on working hard. We Steelers fans miss your wit! Oh he would have had a field day this season..

Linda, He is so lucky to have such a great support system. You are a true inspiration. Have a Great Holiday season and keep the updates coming.

All the best and continued future success,

Mike Burt Ontario, California

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Paul's, and it's great to see your blog, and read about his progress.

My father had a stroke and spent years in recovery. Its hard work, but I know things will go well for you two, and I look forward to his first article when he comes back.

Merry Christmas

Myric said...

As a long time fan of Dr. Z's writing (and not just football) it's good to see he's making progress and has such a loving family to support him.

And based on your blog, it looks like there's more than one brilliant writer in the family!

Kindest Regards

Redlefty said...

From one redhead to another, my best holiday wishes go out to your family as Doc Z continues his recovery!

May we all be so blessed to have a supporter/cheerleader/partner/challenger like you when we need one.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Paul Zimmerman,

I'm writing to you at 0028 hrs even though I should be asleep in order to rise comfortably at 0530 hrs. Instead, I'm taking time to write a comment knowing that somehow this will reach you, and I write out of respect for all the joy, insight, and laughter your writing has given your audience.

I took a break at work today and you came to mind as I walked towards the john with P. King's column in my hand. I realized that he hadn't mentioned you in his column for quite sometime and wondered about your progress.

After sifting through his weekly Romo/Favre worship and Team Rankings dribble, I saw that he gave a quick and positive update along with a link to your better half's blog.

Reading through the updates made me so proud of your progress and your passion. I also envy the wonderful life you live. Surrounded by an assortment of supportive family, friends, and admirers from afar. I'm leaving town after living here for 8 years and I scheduled a going away lunch for fear that no one would bother showing up for an event that isn't on company time.

And most notably, your adoring, tough and patient wife. I could only dream of my wife doing half of what she does in order to get through this tough time.

Thank you Dr. Z. Thank you for taking time to truely analyze positions (especially the linemen through charting, for holding Joe Theisman accountable for his weak color commentary, for sharing your traveling stories and memories, and for your dry sense of humor.

Continue to make progress as the nation awaits your triumphant return!

Michael Aspiazu

P.S. Mrs. Bailey Zimmerman, you are one tough lady!

P.S.S. I apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes. I am not a journalist, just writing in appreciation of my favorite scribe.

heinz said...

Hi Mrs Z, I found your blog through Peter King's column and wish both you and Dr. Z the best. I so miss his writing, lambasting of Bush and wine advice. His thoughtful analysis of football was one of the highlights of my week. God bless and Merry Christmas,

Kermit Littlefield

Jörn said...

I wish you guys some happy holidays and a wonderful xmas!

Always following your blog, Bailey and as I said before: You are one of a kind! Paul's so damn lucky having you, unbelievable.

It's great that Peter King used his column to mention your blog, cause I think the number of comments here reflects how many people in this big world are with you on this long road.

I wish you all the best and I'm crossing my fingers for you and Paul and for more and quicker progress of course. Keep your spirits up!

Anonymous said...

Football hasn't been the same without Dr. Z and his "flaming redhead." Glad to have Peter King give updates, but even gladder that he pointed us here so that we can see Mr. September in all his glory.

And what a perfect month for Dr. Z! The beginning of the season where all things are possible for all teams (except, of course, the Bucs, but that's not something that's likely to change).

I've been a fan for years and have missed his voice and his guidance and his stories. I did MUCH better in the football pools, so I miss that, too.

Keep plugging away, Dr. Z. And Mrs. Z? Thanks for the updates and for taking care of him/pushing him as much as you do.

Unknown said...

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Z,

I'm am heartened to read that Dr. Z is doing better. I have been reading his columns in SI since I was a child (my Dad told me that Dr. Z was a great writer and very knowledgeable about football - and my Dad was right as usual).

I have missed his columns and check the SI web site each week for updates on his condition. I am grateful to have found this blog (and that you both feel comfortable sharing his progress and the burden of being a caregiver).

I am a stroke survivor myself so I understand a little of what Dr. Z is going through (though I am no where near so eloquent a writer). It has been 10 years since my stroke and I speak, write and do everything else normally. I hope that Dr. Z recovers just as fully.

All the best in the new year to you both.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you and Paul for the New Year. You're a saint, and Z couldn't do this without you. Stay strong; we're all better for it.


Unknown said...

"He never gives up!!"

And nor should he, with so much love and attention in his life. Or, as Winston Churchill said: "Never ever ever ever give up."

Sending positive thoughts for you both....