Thursday, March 11, 2010

Update and Moscow 1980 Olympics

Sorry about a delay in posting.
I've been having fun with Social Security and various insurance companies...getting to know everyone on a first name basis. Not sure how well the friendships are progressing.

Paul is downstairs working away... hour four of exercising....REALLY!
He just won't give up!

I found Paul a set of seven operas featuring his favorite tenor...Giuseppe Di Stefano.
He can't listen to Di Stefano singing Tosca without crying!
I see Paul crying then I's messy around here today.

We've had a nice week.
Saturday Peter & Ann King and Matt Millen met us for lunch at Tabor Road Tavern.
Matt lives in the country and farmer has been added to his credits. His calving stories are hilarious. Paul had tears rolling down his face.
I guess any story requiring chains and getting shit in the face is funny....right?

Tom Ward came by yesterday to bring a case of surprises to Paul....Vermeil wine surprises.
We just had a bottle of 2003 Zin - Frediani Vineyard...a gorgeous wine!!
Full of depth and dark, rich fruit....ahhh!!

Yesterday I received a call from Tom Danyluk. He's compiled several articles that Paul has had published over the years and he is going to send me a disc so that I can make a copy for Paul. Thanks Tom!
I am so grateful that so many people keep Paul in their hearts!! It's the only way we are making it through this neck-whipping ride.

I thought a few of you might like glimpse of some of the book that Paul had started to write before his stroke...his memoirs.
I scanned his rough draft of his coverage of the 1980 Olympics.
Here it is......


Elizabeth said...

Linda, this is heartwarming to read.

I'm sorry I didn't call last weekend! This wkd I am in Florida with family.

I will call soon after I return!

Have a great weekend.



Walt said...

Thank you very much for posting this. I have always enjoyed Paul's writing and most of all his spirit. This was an amazing example of both.

Anonymous said...

What an angel you must be!

As hard as you both work on Paul's recovery, improvement must surely be on its way.

Thank you so much.


Chris said...

Thanks so much for Posting this, Paul is an absolute amazing writer, who is so excellent at describing the reality of a scene. Thanks again. Best Wishes!

BaileyZimmerman said... worry!
Can't wait to talk to you....catch up and talk about travel!
Hope you had a great time in Florida...I went a few weeks was beautiful...chilly and sunny!

Walt and Chris..I just love to read any of Paul's writing. I have a stack of correspondence from Paul...when we were dating we lived thousands of miles apart.
I love to reread all of his they still smell like cigars!

Greg....what a sweet comment! An angel with spice on her wings.

Jeff said...

Wonderful--such a treat for fans of Paul's work. Thanks so much for posting this.

I'd been so eagerly anticipating these memoirs to be published--I still hope--and reading these excerpts those feelings are justified. As a writer myself, albeit one who gave up on the idea of sports journalism for fiction, Paul has always been a great inspiration--his voice, his humor, and his knowledge are all transcendent, and I hope he never forgets how influential he has been on other writers.

Chuck V said...

Every page is filled with warmth, humor, intelligence and understanding - what an unexpected treat this morning! Looking forward to the memoir...thanks for posting this.

All best to you and Dr Z.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Bailey Zimmerman--your husband may not remember me, but we crossed paths at SI and worked together for a time at -- I was assigned to edit Paul's stuff.

Suffice to say it was an experience, one I've carried with me happily for almost a decade. In particular, I recall an intense, epithet-laden phone confrontation in which I was damn sure I wasn't going to back down and Paul was damn sure he wasn't going to be bothered by some 30-something pissant who determined what and how Dr. Z was portrayed on the page.

I remember two things in particular about that imbroglio; first, that through our shouting, the good Dr. taught me an invaluable editing lesson: just because I might phrase something differently didn't make it right or proper to change his words. And second, I still have Paul's follow-up, single-spaced, 8 1/2x11 typewritten letter in which he both apologized (as I remember it!) and further edified me as a student of words.

Anyway. For years and years, I've wanted to thank Paul and I never did. Please convey to him the eternal gratitude of still another person fortunate enough to have had a chance to wrestle with him...

BaileyZimmerman said...

Jeff & Chuck....thanks so much for your kind words. I've read them to made his day!

Anonymous.....I think I remember you...not that you were the only one to get into a tussle with

He got a big kick outta your posting. I'm sure at this point he'd give anything to have a good fight.
His mind is still sharp....but it's not possible for him to initiate communication. In other words, he can respond to whatever someone says to him with a yes or no answer....but with a three word vocabulary and's incredibly limited!
Hope all is well in your world?

Leonard said...

Hi Linda,

I have been a faithful reader of Paul's for almost 30 years, since my journalism undergradute days in Montreal. The more I read of his stuff the more I realized how steep a hill it would be to climb to his level and decided I'd better find another goal than to be the world's greatest sports writer – that job was obviously already taken.

But I stayed in journalism and now I teach it. Recently, I lent his "Thinking Man's Guide..." to a young co-ed who loves football. Two points: It's still great but maybe he'll have to rename it "Thinking Person's Guide..." so as not to offend the ladies lol.

I have harkened back to my Catholic upbringing to say prayers for Paul, so tell him enough with the exercising and that its time to get back to what he was born for – writing with verve and insight.

Finally, not sure if you both have ever tried Casillero del Diablo, an inexpensive red from Chile, but my wife and I like it very much.

All the best,

Leo Gervais